Ceramic clutch BMW R850GS/R1100GS 180 mm

Since the trip report about Mongolia and the BMW R1100GS "Monsterkuh" at the latest. you will know about the problem:

In the long run. the clutch of the R850GS/R1100GS/R1150GS does not stand the extreme stress of off-road or sports riding and can break down completely within a few seconds. Frequent acceleration and driving at high speed on narrow and steep mountain roads is like an endurance test for the clutch which starts getting hot quickly. Most long distance travellers riding one of the above models will be able to tell you. at least roughly. how to change the clutch or where you will find the next workshop.
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The ceramic clutch has been developed in Africa for use on Africa's extreme trails and for off-road trips. Since its introduction it has proved to be reliable. The ceramic clutch is much more durable and can be used under more extreme conditions than the original clutch. Even when climbing uphill on narrow tarmac roads with heavy luggage the clutch will work perfectly. Until now. not a single clutch has broken down!

- 1.8 mm laser-cut stainless steel
- 8 ceramic friction plates (riveted)
- Racing technology
- Tried and tested in South Africa for many years and on tracks world-wide
- Clutch does not longer overheat under extreme conditions.
- Excellent workmanship and exacting tolerance
- It normally does not break during the "LIFE OF A MOTORBIKE"
More Information
Weight 0.7340
Model R850GS
Manufacturer ZF Sachs Race Engineering
Bike Manufacturer BMW
Product Manual Instruction Manual - Download Here
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