Pivot Pegz - "Mark3" Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin (2015-2017)

NOW AVAILABLE! The mega wide Mark 3 Pivot Pegz - 60mm WIDE!!

An absolute breakthrough - and not just for cross-country and enduro riders who bemoan the lack of sensitivity of the original pegs. Thanks to a spring joint. these foot pegs follow the forward and backward movements of the foot to an angle of 20 degrees. This protects the boot. and gives the Rider a better position on the bike - even in extreme situations. It also minimises the load on the rider. since the boot is almost always positioned on the full surface of the peg and not - as with the conventional peg - on the edge. This is particularly Tiring. especially off-road.
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But the pegs are also extremely convenient in everyday riding. They provide a comfortable position of the rider's feet on the pegs. which results in more relaxing riding. And thanks to the pivot movement. changing gears is easier and quicker.

Better control: The motorbike's forces are always transmitted evenly via the same point to the sole of the boot.
Less tiring: Better absorption of permanent impacts via the peg edges. Eliminates the risk of the boot slipping over the peg edge.
Better cornering pressure: When cornering. the pressure on the motorbike develops over the full width of the peg and not just over the edges.
More feeling: With PivotPegz. the pegs become a genuine connection between rider and machine. This prevents the rider from tiring. and makes his feeling for the motorbike more precise.

Whether off-road. touring or on the road - PivotPegz are a definite plus in handling and comfort! Complete set with all attachments.
More Information
Weight 0.952000
Model CRF1000L Africa Twin
Colour Silver
Manufacturer Pivot Pegz
Model year up to 2017
Model year from 2015
Bike Manufacturer Honda
Function Ergonomics/comfort
Material Stainless steel
Product Manual Instruction Manual - Download Here
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